Ryosuke TAKATA

Ph.D student studying artificial life at the University of Tokyo

Recent Activities

2023.12.18Lecture at the University of Tokyo VR Center Doctoral Symposium.
2023.09.07-2023.09.09Poster presentation at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society. The title is "Cognitive Modeling of Thrill-Seeking Irrational Behavior with Conflicting Adaptive Optimizations."
2023.07.23-2023.07.28Poster presentation at ALIFE2023. The title is "Evolving Collective AI: Simulation of Ants Communicating via Chemicals."
2023.06.08Organized the student session "What do people want from Artificial Intelligence" at JSAI2023.
2023.03.05Poster presentation at the HAI Symposium 2023. The title is "A Cognitive Model of Thrill Using Evolutionary Computation and Reinforcement Learning."
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